A.Royale & Co is able to offer our retail partners a Total Solution to their needs. Our approach is to be transparent and to be completely responsible for outcomes at every step in the supply chain. We supply products on time and in full, working in a collaborative way at every step in the supply chain.

Our skills are in:

Product Design

Packaging Production

Fixture design & Installation

In-store Service

Vendor Managed Inventory




A.Royale & Co designs and produces products that do much more than just satisfy consumers. The quality, look, feel and performance of our products is created with thought and knowledge.

Our designers and product managers are closely aligned with their products and the consumers who purchase them.

Every product we supply is tested to Australian or International standards as applicable.



A.Royale & Co products will always represent value for money. Our recommended retail prices reflect creative design, quality materials and superior manufacturing processes to produce our products.

Product price points are determined by our goal of manufacturing products that exceed consumers expectations for performance, reliability and quality.

In other words, we will not take short cuts that might save a few cents from the manufacturing cost so we can compete at the lowest end of the quality or price spectrum.



A.Royale & Co will only offer packaging solutions that inform consumers about the product, and its offered features and benefits.

Every effort will be made to reduce the use of packaging that damages the environment when it is manufactured. We do this because we all have families and we hope to leave the world a little better than when we found it.

Where once we were ignorant about the environmental damage our packaging was causing, we are now aware and educated about what needs to be done to minimise the impact of our behaviours.



“First impression is a lasting impression”. We design POS and Product fixturing which is effective, practical and commercial.

We work collaboratively with our customers to design and construct the most innovative and effective display solutions within height and footprint guidelines.

The fixtures we design have flexible capacity to carry the required stock for various store models while achieving maximum return on inventory.

We develop fixtures in commercial strength quality, able to withstand the challenges of busy stores and high foot traffic.



A.Royale & Co Planners work closely with our key partners to ensure inventory is allocated appropriately by store and SKU.

Working with an agreed Open to Buy budget our Planners are able to raise orders weekly and ship to either our retail partners warehouse or directly to store.

Our warehouse is in Sydney and orders are despatched within 24 hours of final approval.



A.Royale & Co uses software supplied by to analyse sales and quickly identify opportunities to maximise sales opportunities or reduce inventory at all points in the supply chain.

Aside from the obvious benefit of minimising out of stocks whilst improving working capital utilisation, our approach to inventory management ensures shipments to stores are only for items that are needed to meet consumers expectations.

There is an added advantage in that freight costs and associated environmental impacts are minimised by using this inventory management process.



A.Royale & Co has a dedicated team of 120 merchandisers in Australia.

Our team is expert at erecting fixtures, point of sale, promotional tie ups, as well as conducting stock take, planogram adjustments, and countless other store based activities.

Using iPads our store merchandise teams provide our planners with unique insights into what is happening in stores. This is done via live reporting as well as in-depth analysis of how and where stock is displayed.



A.Royale & Co constantly review product and store performance to ensure consumer needs are met.
Adjustments to store models are made weekly. Product reviews are conducted monthly.

Feedback from consumers is invited via Facebook or our various web sites.

By analysing sales and inventory and overlaying this with direct consumer feedback we are are constantly striving to improve our knowledge and understanding of the market, whilst developing products that will excite our customers.